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v3 2012-2013 Roadmap

  • Posted Monday, September 17, 2012

Swizzle is being reinvented into a great platform that enables you to be successful online, allowing the right engineering team velocity, scalability and elasticity.

That's what makes Swizzle different from other open-source or out-of-the-box solutions.

Here are some of the enhancements you will see over the next few months:

September 2012

Better e-mail marketing/CMS integration.

  • Enable better integration between e-mail marketing and CMS and e-commerce, by allowing CMS content to be reused in e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Improve the extensibility of the list layouts on web apps and e-commerce modules.
November/December 2012

Better e-mail marketing/CRM integration; advance e-commerce.

  • Better integration between e-mail marketing and CRM, by enabling things like list exclusions.
  • Expand e-commerce stock capabilities to product attributes.
February/March 2013

Better e-commerce integration.

  • Enable better flexibility for e-commerce by enabling liquid programming language in a production-ready fashion.
  • Better e-commerce reporting.
May/June 2013

Platform reinvention.

  • Enable flexibility for webapps by enabling liquid programming language and webapps API enabling further extensions to your needs.
  • Enhance webapps up to a point where we can recreate and enrich most existing modules (blogs, photo galleries, etc) using webapps.
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